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How it works?

Our 4-step web design strategy

Creation of the Google Ads campaign

We create your Google Ads account and campaigns for you, including Youtube Ads, Google Search, Google Shopping and Google Display. We do rigorous keyword research and planning to maximize your investment.

Determine the target audience

It is important for our team to fully understand who your Google Ads campaign is aimed at. We determine with you who the target audience is and from the launch of the campaign, we carefully optimize your advertising according to the results obtained.

Optimizing your campaign

Our team of experts optimizes your advertising campaign using specialized software and artificial intelligence, which allows us to maximize your results as quickly as possible and analyze a ton of data in just a few minutes.

Continuous monitoring

We keep your Google Ads campaign under close surveillance. Our experts and our software are on the lookout for the slightest changes in the performance of your campaign and optimize it relentlessly. Know that your campaign is protected against fraudulent clicks from your competitors, robots and malicious people thanks to our specialized anti-fraud software.

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