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Facebook and Instagram advertising


An Incredible Opportunity Is Offered To You

Because EVERYONE is on social media!

Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to reach the maximum number of people, at the lowest possible costs while tracking the return on investment. Quick and measurable results.

Because Facebook and Instagram advertising is affordable

Facebook and Instagram advertising guarantees you a good return on your investment in addition to being very affordable. A few dollars a day is enough!

The most targeted advertising in the history of marketing, nothing less!

Who do you want to target with your advertising? Gender, age, education level, interests, profession and geographic location are just some of the possible targeting criteria.

How it works?

Facebook and Instagram advertising in 4 steps

The strategy and the objectives

Clearly defining your objectives allows us to develop an effective advertising strategy that really meets your needs while respecting your budget, whether very ambitious or more limited. Our goal is to have a plan that will generate maximum revenue while making you spend as little as possible.

Creation, approval and launch

Our Facebook and Instagram advertising experts configure your advertising campaign. Visuals, texts and target audiences, everything is meticulously prepared. Once our work is approved, the campaign begins, but the work has only just begun.

Feedback and control

After analyzing the first results, our team begins the optimization work. The more data we get, the better we can optimize your ads. In a very short time, we will have a campaign that generates profits!

Continuous monitoring

We track Facebook and Instagram ads on an ongoing basis to respond quickly to any changes in ad performance.

Facebook and Instagram advertising

Truly unique targeting possibilities that deliver extraordinary results
Your business Facebook page

Presenting advertising to people who follow your Facebook page allows you to retain your customers at very low cost

Your competitor's Facebook page

And yes, thanks to tools exclusive to Prodigy Digital Media, we can also target people who follow your competitors' Facebook pages.

Public and Secret Facebook Groups

Target active and committed people with a common interest

Custom Lists

Your current customer lists can be imported and targeted in Facebook, they represent a gold mine

Lookalike Hearings

Facebook et Instagram vous permettent de cibler les gens au profil similaire à vos listes de clients existantes, une façon ultraefficace de faire de la publicité

Visitors to your website

Continuously present, in a well-balanced way, advertising content to people who are genuinely interested in your business, the visitors of your website

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